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PVC Pipe Extrusion LIne

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PVC Pipe Extrusion LIne

PVC pipe extrusion machine include: conical twin screw extruder, mould, vacuum calibration tank, haul-off, cutter, stacker.
16-800mm 380V 50HZ 55kw
12 months warranty Engineer service overseas ISO/CE

Product Description

Adopt the china top ten sale screw extruder machine, and mainly used in extruding PVC, PE, PP, PET,ABS and so on                                            

PVC pipe process

Formulation→High-speed mixing→Conical twin-screw extrusion→Vacuum sizing, spray cooling→traction→fixed length cutting

Production Details

Screw material: 

High quality alloy steel-38GrMoAlA, after high-temperature nitriding, nitriding deepth: 0.5-07mm, the surface hardness HV740-940.                            

Heating unit:

It is mainly composed of cast aluminum heater and stainless steel casing, and has excellent thermal conductivity of metal alloy to ensure uniform temperature of hot surface. 

  Extrusion Mould:

It is the construction part of pipe forming.

Vacuum Forming Machine

For pipe shaping and cooling,equipped with vacuum system and water circulation system for shaping and cooling,stainless steel box,circulating water spray cooling.

Haul off  machine

Used for continuous and automatic extraction of cooled and hardened pipes from the nose,frequency conversion speed regulation. 

utting machine

The cutting machine takes the fixed length switch signal as the instruction,completes the whole cutting process and keeps synchronization with the pipe operation during the cutting process.                            

Main Technical Parameter

ModelDiameterMain Extruder
Line Length(m)

Working Video


                             Please Click: www.youtube.com

Wide Application

PVC pipe is mainly used for the production of agricultural drainage, building drainage, electricity, communication cables, etc. and various PVC pipes with various pipe diameters and wall thicknesses.  

Agriculture Drainage Pipe                             Building Pipe                                                                     Cable Wire Pipe

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