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PET Bottle Flake Waste Plastic Recycling and Washing Machine

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PET Bottle Flake Waste Plastic Recycling and Washing Machine

This line is the best proposal for PET bottle recycling.
Processing capacity:300kg/h,500kg/h,1000kg/h and more as per demand.
380V 50HZ 80-250KW 300-1000kg/h
PET bottle flakes
ISO/CE Certificates 12 months warranty Engineer service avaliable overseas

Product Description
PET Bottle Waste Plastic Recycling Machine                                                                                                     
Fosita  PET bottle waste plastic recycling machine is mainly used for crushing,  washing, palletizing of PET bottles to realize auto separation for caps  and labels: belt conveyer, crusher, steam washer, scrubbing washing  unit, rinsing and precipitation washing unit, centrifugal dewatering  unit, hot air flow drying unit, and electric control cabinet. 


1.Through  crushing, washing and dry process, the waste bottle or sheet will  become to be bottle flakes. The flakes are widely used in plastic  industry, like sheet, and profile production.

2.The clean flakes  can be used to produce the polyester staple fiber, PET strap band,  granules, PET transparent film and sheets, etc. The top class flakes can  be used to blow bottles again.

3. Plastic recycling machine can  be designed on the basis of how dirty the flakes are, and make sure of  the quality of the final products are very clean.

4. Plastic recycling machine output we can supply is from 300kg/h to 2000kg/h.


Work Processing                                                                          

PET Bottle Waste Plastic Recycling Machine

Belt  conveyer → Rolling separator →Manual pick table → Metal separator →  Belt conveyer → Crusher → Label Separator → Hot washer 1 → Friction  washing machine → Hot washer 2 → High-speed friction washing machine →  Rinsing tank → Spray washing→ Dewatering machine → Blower dryness system  → Storage hopper → Finished product packing


Capacity: 300—2000kg per hour
Moisture of PET Flakes: Less Than 2%,
Cap &Label separate with the PET bottle flakes automatically
Bottle Types: PET Bottle, Plastic Bucket, Water Bottle, Coke Bottle,
Application: PET Strap, PET Yarn Fiber
CE Standard: Provide Turn Key Solution.

Technical Parameter

Pipe Line Model
Total Power(kw)
Output(kg/h)                                        LIne Length(m)

Working Video Please Click:www.youtube.com

Configuration table

No.                                        Machine List                                        Description                                        
1                                        Prewasher                                        Remove the solid impurity which are water insoluble, such as hand stone, sand, etc. It can also wash bottles' surface.                                        
2                                        Bale Breaker                                        It is used in large capacity recycling line, and bottles are compressed in bale.                                        
3                                        Belt Conveyer                                        Including the metal detector.                                        
4Label RemoverLabel removing efficiency, more than 98%
5Manual Select PlatformMade according to workers' height, supply a suitable plate for selecting the left labels or some other impurity. 
6Belt ConveyerConveying the bottles into crusher.
7CrusherWith water, the materials of the blade adopt SKD-II or 9CrSi. It has a function of prewashing too.
8Screw FeederConveying the flakes into friction washer.
9Friction WasherScrubbing material in high-speed with water.
10Screw Floating WasherRemove few remand paper, sand, label from material based on different density.
11Screw FeederConveying the flakes into hot washer.
12Hot WasherHigh temperature stirring washing with caustic soda. Water can be heated by steam or electric.
13Screw FeederSame as Item 8.
14Friction WasherSame as Item 9.
15Screw Floating WasherSame as Item 10.
16Dewatering MachineHigh speed centrifuge drying.
17Drying SystemElectric heating wind drying.
18Label Wind SeparatorThe last left impurity will be separated from flakes by the blower fan.
19 SiloStore the final material.
20Electrical Control PanelAdopts Siemens and DELIXI as main component.


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